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Wall Squats for Lower Body Burn

Static Wall Squat with Teeters is an intermediate exercise and should be performed on a stable surface prior to performing it on StrongBoard Balance Board. This exercise is primarily for the lower body but will also work the entire core musculature and all of the pelvic floor muscles.

Featuring Mike Curry ACE Certified PT and SBB Inventor, IG: @strongboardbalance FB: @strongboard Twitter: @strongboard

1. Start by placing the board between 8 and 12 inches away from the wall (depending on your height).

2. Step onto the platform, then lean back against the wall.

3. Lower yourself into a seated position as you raise your arms out against the wall, parallel to the floor.

4. Holding an isometric squat and keeping your arms out, begin to teeter the board side to side for desired amount of repetitions.

5. Repeat exercise for desired amount of sets.

Tips: Be sure to brace your abs through entire set. Keep back neutral against the wall. Keep the neck long. For more of a challenge, you can hold deep-seated position for more repetitions, you can also slow or speed up your tempo during teeters, and/or you can add dumbbells or other modalities to the exercise. 

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