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Meet the Team

All Forward Approach Marketing team members bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the FAM conglomerate, each person making the whole stronger, smarter and more efficient. The team is united by ethics, passion for our clients, their brands and an overwhelming love of all things creative.

Adella Curry


Adella is the owner of Forward Approach Marketing! With over 20 years of experience at the forefront of public relations, Adella extends her knowledge and savvy to ethical companies and individuals in need of growing and refining their brand. Under her direction, FAM goes beyond traditional public relation services to offer multi-faceted marketing plans to maximize media, trade, and consumer exposure.

adella headshot.jpg


With a degree in communication from Loyola Marymount University and over a decade of experience in Real Estate marketing, Beverly provides team support for each client’s unique marketing plan, ensuring every aspect from social media to press releases and pitching are completed on schedule. Beverly also serves as FAM’s event director, working with vendors and checklists to organize smooth, efficient red carpets, premieres, meetings, charity events, and more.


With a degree in Communication from Cal State Long Beach, Anna manages client social media strategies, manages client reporting, and contributes to the overall organization of the team. She’s been with Forward Approach Marketing for years and came to us by way of Sweden, and lives in California with her family.

Anna FAM.jpg


Eliot is a dog and cat dad from Lake Charles, Louisiana. He studied English literature at McNeese State University, where he graduated in 2018. He has always been a lover of stories, and has been writing since he was 5 years old. Other things he loves include tattoos, writing, and creating content for FAM. Working for FAM has given him the opportunity to develop his graphic design skills among many other things!



Hail is FAM's PR manager and SEO specialist with over 10 years of marketing and writing experience. They manage PR strategies, advertising campaigns, and SEO strategies for clients, and have a Master of History degree from Colorado State University. They love planning, writing, photography, social justice, national parks, rollerblading, and metal concerts. 



Ness is one of FAM's star social media specialists and resident Trekkie. They are a Venezuelan now living in Peru, with experience in real estate and wellness marketing content. They are a creative soul who loves writing and creating social media content for FAM. Other things they love include Bollywood, movies, books, road trips, and all things horror. 



Kiley is FAM’s superstar team assistant! She’s an animal lover who has 2 dogs and a cat, and she’s also a work-from-home-mom! She loves coffee, photography, and graphic design and her skillset has grown so much since she joined the team here at FAM. She helps assist the entire team with any tasks that she is needed on. Her specialities include writing blogs, social media engagement, and creating graphics for clients.



Kelsey serves as a rockstar assistant, specializing in all things social media engagement. She is passionate about the power of social media, the voice we can have on it, and the creativity of it. She is also a gymnastics coach, certified makeup artist, and cat mom of 4. When she’s not working you’ll find her enjoying a coffee, going on a hike or paddling boarding with her husband.

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