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At Forward Approach Marketing, our mission is to provide expertise to businesses operating just outside the fray. This includes sharing stories which break stereotypes, positive placement with trade and consumer press, media preparation, advertising and marketing campaigns and social media strategies.

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Alternative Health Industries we service:
  • Dispensaries

  • Growers

  • Strains

  • Paraphernalia

  • Vape/ing

  • Wax

  • CBD, THC, Sativa, Indica

  • Medical marijuana

  • Alternative health

  • Cannabis lifestyle/influencers

Since its foundation, Forward Approach Marketing has been considered the most reliable, result-driven marketing and public relations firm for adult businesses, focused on creating custom marketing plans that are designed to meet each client’s unique and individual goals. We have proven experience in SEO and social media marketing for cannabis-related companies, including paid social media ads, press and media publication, and influencer marketing. 

Why Your “Alternative Medicine” Business Needs Us

The Cannabis Industry is on the Rise and We’ve Got You (media) Covered


Let’s be real, in today’s fast-paced culture, you either use cannabis, or you know someone who does. According to the Washington Post, over 22% of American adults currently use cannabis, (that’s over 55 million people) and 52% of users are millennials (not to mention the additional users of cannabis-related items, such as CBD, wax or even vapes.)


Just recently, “Florida finally legalizes smoking marijuana” (but only medically :/) making it the thirty-third state to pass laws concerning the legalization of marijuana, (however, only 11 of these states have laws in which marijuana is legalized for recreational use.) along with Michigan and Vermont. In other words, cannabis is cool, weed knows it, and you do too!


We want to help grow your cannabis related business! With our dedicated team of professionals and over 2 decades of experience turning adult businesses into household names, we can help fight the stigma associated with cannabis derived products and services. From dispensaries, growers, strains, paraphernalia, vapes, wax, CBD, THC, sativa, indicia, medical marijuana, or maybe even something else, we can help your business thrive and step into the spotlight of a new era of acceptance through marketing, pr, and social media.

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To connect with us or for business inquiries, (or to be featured on our blog,) please email:  

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