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Wicked Sensual Care
jessica drake, Director of Marketing and Product Development

“Wicked Sensual Care has been involved with FAM since (insert year), and our relationship goes far beyond the traditional “services offered”. Not only have they provided invaluable assistance with PR, media pitches, social media, SEO and website support, they have also 
grown right along with us to adapt to the constantly changing needs of marketing a brand within the sexual health and wellness space, for both the adult industry and mainstream press. 

We adore Adella- she is the cornerstone in FAM’s foundation and has hand picked the creative, talented minds that we've had the pleasure of interacting with throughout the years. She’s the tireless engine that constantly propels FAM to new levels, always available for creative meetings, collective brainstorms, and able to assist when challenges arise. In this intimate space, establishing trust and reliability while maintaining a solid reputation is of the utmost importance to our brand, and we are truly grateful to Adella and her team for being an integral part of our expansive growth. They truly put the FAM in the WSC family.”

Starship Enterprises
Tiffany Rogers, Director of Marketing

Working with Forward Approach Marketing (FAM) has been a transformative experience for Starship Adult Stores. FAM's expertise in creating engaging pleasure-based education and marketing is unmatched. They have seamlessly integrated education with advertising in a manner that's both fun and destigmatizing. Our collaboration has been particularly noticeable in our Flagpole advertising and crossword puzzles. I'm proud to credit FAM for all our creative marketing endeavors, including the innovative integration of education and play in our print advertising and social media pages.


Additionally, our partnership has led to significant improvements in our website's performance, SEO, and organic engagement, thanks to FAM's guidance. This was an area where we previously struggled, but now, we're seeing remarkable progress.


I must emphasize the positive impact this has had on our team. Our employees, including myself, feel much prouder to be part of Starship. The improvements FAM has brought to our branding make us feel that our external presence now truly reflects the quality of work we do inside our stores.

More Testimonials

"FAM has been an incomparable asset to our company. As a small business starting out budgets are always tight but FAM has consistently been able to use guerrilla marketing and PR tactics to produce results that we never expected. The growth, sales and visibility of StrongBoard Balance to date, are a direct result of our partnership with FAM. Plain and simple, our company would not be where it is today if it were not for the marketing savvy of FAM."

Justin Gibson

Director of Operations, StrongBoard Balance

"FAM has been instrumental in helping me begin to redefine my brand as an emerging sex educator. From mainstream exposure and press releases to creative input and everything in between, I’m grateful for their experience, professionalism, and most of all, their personal touch. PR needs are never the same across the board – different clients have varied personalities and goals, as well as different definitions of success. Adella and her crew recognize this and concentrate on bringing out the very best in everyone they represent."

jessica drake

Actress, Model, Sex Educator

"I've been working with FAM for over a year now and I couldn't be happier! As a fitness professional and studio owner, FAM continues to bring me incredible media opportunities to promote both StrongBoard Balance and my own business, The Simply Fit Studio, on a large platform. Features like the ones in Women's Health and allowed me to truly highlight my beliefs and spread my love of health and fitness. Working with FAM has truly opened many doors for me and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for more exposure for their business." 

Rachael Novello

The Simply Fit Studio

“In the 3 years we have worked with FAM, we have seen over 150 mainstream media mentions. As a growing brand, this has been an integral part of our presence in the market and given us an added edge against the competition. We take pleasure knowing as long as we are on FAM’s roster, they will never represent another lubricant brand.”

Cassie Pendleton

Wicked Sensual Care

"FAM has been an integral part of the rebranding of Aneros. They have been very successful in garnering every communication channels for Aneros in every sector including public relations, marketing, social media, etc. Understanding the client is very important to make sure that the message is indistinguishable and FAM gets it! Working with FAM has opened many doors for Aneros and we are proud to have them as partners."

Brent Aldon

Director of Sales and Marketing, ANEROS

"Since iWantEmpire engaged the services of FAM we have experienced exponential growth! Adella and the entire FAM team have been a breath of fresh air, having worked with several other publicists in the past. FAM exudes professionalism, integrity, tireless dedication and we are proud to have them represent us! The team is comprised of highly creative individuals who are not afraid to push the boundaries of what can be achieved for their clients!"

J. Phillips

President, Gatsby Enterprises, Inc.

“We began working with FAM shortly after the Motorbunny brand and flagship product debuted. Their dedicated team has been instrumental in helping to navigate many of the marketing nuances in the “better sex” space. Since the FAM team “hopped on,” we have received over 80 mentions or feature articles in mainstream publication, and they continue to create angles and pathways for coverage in deeply focused outlets as well. It’s also a relief to know we are the only brand in our category that FAM represents, and we don’t need to worry about conflicts or de-prioritization.” 


CEO, Motorbunny

"This firm took me from being just another actress to being on the radar and being fully noticed. I'm so proud to call FAM my home and I would recommend them to anyone looking to reach their full potential."

Tasha Reign

Actress, Model

"Adella is a powerhouse of Marketing & PR knowledge and has unbelievable personal drive. As a human she is really something special - honest, pragmatic and personable. What strikes me most about FAM is their results-orientated approach to business issues. Adella and her team are never stuck and won't allow you to be either. There are always ways to improve your business and with FAM, you will finally be able to build the business and brand of your dreams."

Tina Selwyn

CEO, Hustle Solutions

"When I think of efficiency, reliability, determination and the ability to get the job done no matter what it takes, I think of Adella Curry. I’ve worked with Adella on a number of projects over the years and she never ceases to amaze me. Her ability to make connections, organize talent and micro manage multiple projects is bar none. On top of all that she is just great friend and person. Anyone or any company fortunate to work with her will understand her dynamic. I feel lucky to have her in my corner."

Josh Ryan Photography

World Renowned Photographer

"I know I can always count on the FAM team to help me get the stories that are relevant to the audience I’m writing for. They are responsive, well-informed, and flexible. They’re also some of the most well-connected people in their industry and have been invaluable to me on countless occasions."

Chris Morris

Contributing Writer, CNBC, et al.

"I’ve been working with FAM since their inception, and their work ethic and degree of professionalism makes them the go-to public relations firm. I’ve had a great experience working with them in the past and plan to do so for a long time into the future."

Paul Fishbein

Founder of AVN Media Network, Co-President of X3Sixty Network and Plausible Films, LLC

"I have been with FAM since the beginning of my career, and I credit Adella and her team for getting me where I am today. It is not always easy to find the right people in this industry, but FAM has proven there are professional, reliable people we can count on. With their creativity and attentiveness, they have helped me get the exposure I need to be a successful performer."

Chanel Preston

Model / Actress / Host

"There is no better PR team than FAM. Adella and crew know their craft and always deliver above and beyond—be it a stellar red carpet event or grabbing headline news, they are diligent, professional and a true pleasure to work with."

Dusty Marie

Director of Marketing & Production, Mile High Media

"Adella has proven herself to be the queen of PR, and the standard by which others are measured, – like so many other luxurious items in life I can barely afford, it is comforting to know that one’s company public image is in the hands of the best."

Derek Hay

President, LADirect Models

"Working with FAM was the single best decision I have made as a business owner. I simply would not be where I am without their amazing results. I cannot stress enough how much they have helped me grow my business."

Nate Glass

Owner, Takedown Piracy

"I have had the privilege of working with Adella Curry for much of my career. She is the best publicist there is! Nobody can do her job the way she does. She is always ten steps ahead of everyone else. She is very professional, makes sure everyone has what they need and goes above and beyond her actual job description. I’m amazed daily at her capabilities."

Jesse Jane

Model, Actress, Entrepreneur

"We have a strong, professional relationship with FAM and consider them part of our AVN family. Adella has a genuine enthusiasm for her work and accomplishes the goals she sets."

Theo Sapoutzis

CEO, AVN Media Network

"Adella is fierce and passionate about her craft; every experience I’ve had with her has been fantastic. It’s great to have someone who is just as determined as you are about a project, and time and time again she has demonstrated her dedication."

Sasha Grey

Actress, Model

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FAM is the only marketing or PR agency approved by APAC (Adult Performers Advocacy Committee)

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