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Stormy Daniels Christens Penthouse Car at the Dakar Rally in Peru

Iconic Adult Media Brand Enters the Renowned Auto Rally with Female Champion, Racer Olga Rouckova at the Wheel!

LOS ANGELES (January 7, 2019) – In the midst of the starting preparations for the Dakar Rally, adult superstar Stormy Daniels has hit the high road to Peru to christen the Penthouse World Media LLC and Penthouse Clubs Worldwide LLC sponsored car, marking the iconic adult media brand’s arrival in the world of motorsports. With champion, racer Olga Rouckova at the wheel, and Stormy at her side before the race, PENTHOUSE stands with strong, beautiful women who lead the change.

“I have a wonderful and long-standing relationship with Penthouse and I love to travel so needless to say I jumped at the chance to head to Peru to help promote the Penthouse car at the Dakar Rally Race,” Daniels said. “The trip was even better than I hoped it would be. I had so much fun meeting the race team, posing with the car and interviewing our badass driver Olga!”

The world-renowned off-road endurance rally which is held from January 6 to 17 in Peru, is a 10-stage race that will feature a variety of off-road vehicles in four classes and covers 3,100 miles of sandy dunes, rocky terrain and intense desert heat from start to finish. Rouckova is one of 17 female competitors in the race comprised of 334 racers in total. Although a traditionally male-oriented event, the 2019 Dakar Rally hit a huge milestone with the most female drivers to date, empowering women around the world to showcase their competitive skills.

“We were excited to have Stormy, a female pioneer of challenging endeavors, on location to support Olga. It is a great opportunity to focus on the achievement and great potential of all women who challenge the status quo,” said Catherine Brandt, COO of Penthouse World Media LLC. “The Dakar Rally is a grueling and difficult race and we’re honored to support Olga who is the epitome of courage, beauty, determination and talent. She is a great ambassador for PENTHOUSE and its free-thinking, unstoppable spirit.”

As sponsors, Penthouse World Media LLC, the leading adult media brand and publisher of PENTHOUSE magazine, and Penthouse Clubs Worldwide LLC provide financial and promotional support to Rouckova, by way of marketing and advertising as well as media opportunities during the race.

“I am thankful to PENTHOUSE for their faith and support and to Stormy for sharing her star with us on this exciting day,” Rouckova said.

Born in the Czech Republic, Rouckova is an accomplished quad racer with her four-wheeled motorcycle-like vehicle, having participated in a number of competitions like the FIM BAJA Europe for 3 years finishing every race on the podium, the Merzouga Rally in Morocco, along with obstacle races such as the Spartan race, Army Run, Gladiator Race and many others.

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About Penthouse World Media LLC:

Since 1965, Penthouse has been covering — and uncovering — America and the entire world. With a spotlight on exquisiteness, pleasing aesthetic sensibilities, and a desire to empower women to feel strength in their beauty and uniqueness, Penthouse casts an honest light on the often shadowy sides of life, politics and culture.


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