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iWantClips Shines its Spotlight on The Miss Ginger

The Popular Dominatrix Talks Business on iWantBlog


LOS ANGELES (October 3, 2018) iWantClips financial domination artist The Miss Ginger shares her recipe for success in this week’s Artist Spotlight from

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“The Miss Ginger gives it to us straight,” said Jay Phillips, president, and co-founder of iWantEmpire which operates iWantBlog, iWantClips, iWantCustomClips, iWantPhone, and iWantFanClub. “Her interview is honest, refreshing and inspiring, just like her clips. Check it out.”

Artist Spotlight is iWantBlog’s weekly feature, giving fans an inside look at popular trending artists through an interview-style feature that delves into their life and work. The section is promoted extensively on social media as well as on iWantEmpire’s other websites.

Always a self-starter, The Miss Ginger has always worked hard, from retail and serving to content creator and producer. Today she plays out her financial domination fantasies with a growing fan base that is eager to engage with the talented artist, and she is among the platform’s most popular artists. To visit her iWantClips store, click here.

“If you haven’t heard… This isn’t a get rich quick type of thing. Honestly, a lot of people come into this industry with the wrong idea t you have to give everything to these clients to make them happy,” she said during the interview. “You came into the industry because you wanted to work for yourself… just take it seriously WHILE having fun. Be yourself, but also keep in mind this is a business, and you must protect yourself with a business mentality. Don’t come into the industry to create drama or a name for yourself in a negative way, messy isn’t always best.”

As for her most surprising trait, she said “I am actually really sensitive. I cry over everything! Don’t let a good commercial come on TV, don’t let me read even an April Fool’s Card, and for goodness sake do not let me see or hear a hurt animal. I turn into ‘I can save it, it won’t bite me, it knows I’m going to help!”

iWantClips offers fans a truly elite experience, featuring a vast variety of talented artists who share their unique style and art to a worldwide audience.

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About iWantClips:

Founded on a deep respect for artists, sex-positive forward-thinking attitude, and love for state-of-the-art technology, iWantClips, and iWantCustomClips, are the world’s leading fetish, custom, porn star clip, and chat sites. The innovative network partners with all of its artists, offering the highest payouts, vanity URLs, and other exclusive marketing tools. Its proprietary software employs visual icons which boast easy search and navigation features along with a platform for direct interaction and communication with the site’s bevy of artists.


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