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Best Partner Workout to Strengthen Core & Improve Reaction Time

Looking for a fun partner workout to strengthen core and improve reaction time? Try the surfer lunge with partner plank clap! This is an intermediate exercise performed on StrongBoard Balance Board. This exercise is primarily for the legs and chest but will also work the entire core musculature.

Featuring: Vanessa Burmaster, NASM PT and StrongBoard Balance Ambassador IG: suckerfreefitnessandbeauty

Noreene Gentry, NAFC PT and StrongBoard Balance Certified Instructor IG: strongboardninja

1. Start by stepping onto StrongBoard Balance by placing your right foot just inside the back handle.

2. Then place your left foot at the front edge of the board, just inside the front handle. (As you are doing this, your partner will be placing themselves into a full plank position in front of you.)

3. Evenly distribute your weight until the board is level.

4. Lower yourself into a lunge, as you extend your arm out in front. Your partner will extend the opposite arm at the same time.

5. Once you reach the bottom of your lunge, you will clap hands with your partner.

6. Raise your self out of lunge to starting position.

7. Lower yourself into another lunge, extend the other arm out and clapping hands with your partner. (Partner will be holding full plank throughout the set and also alternating hands and height of hand placement.)

8. Repeat opposite leg for desired repetitions (once your reps are completed, switch places with your partner.)

Tips: Be sure to brace your abs through entire set. Keep your shoulders in your back pockets. For more of a challenge, you can slow or speed up your tempo. You can also hold lunge position through entire set and your partner can add push ups to plank position.

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