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AVN's AEE 2018 Talking Points

Here is a list of Forward Approach Marketing clients who will be in attendance and some talking points for your review

Jessica Drake, Sex Educator, Wicked Contract Star

  • jessica drake is Wicked, eradicating segregation in adult film

  • The future of sex education

  • What affirmative consent looks like

  • Sex education on and off the set

Jay Phillips, Founder and President, iWantEmpire

  • The future of Net Neutrality

  • Breaking the glass ceiling - talking about how much money women in this segment of the industry can make

  • iWE : Becoming a lifestyle brand; Art, Fashion, Pop Culture, Entertainment, and Erotica.

  • Making money selling adult content - why this seems to be a rare thing in today’s traffic based adult economy.

Bratty Nikki, Co Founder and Executive Vice President, iWantEmpire

  • Building a Performer/Artist First Platform

  • Shattering Stereotypes: When Performers are Executives

  • The power exchange of Financial Domination

  • The roles and responsibilities of an independent artist.

Jenna Sativa, iWantEmpire Brand Ambassador, Contract Star

  • Her journey from Miami to Vegas

  • From Penthouse Pet to FemDom

  • Stoned & Sexy

Tasha Reign, iWantEmpire Brand Ambassador, Contract Star

  • From MTV’s Laguna Beach to iWantEmpire

  • The evolution of a female entrepreneur

  • A day in the life of a celebrity porn star

  • What you should know about the adult industry in 2018

Riley Reyes, iWantEmpire Brand Ambassador, Contract Star

  • The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee: What is it?

  • What a day in my life looks like

  • Polyamory to me (general information - not specific personal divulgence)

Goddess Haven

  • iWantEmpire / iWantFanClub: What a Performer First platform is

  • What it means to be the world’s leading financial dominatrix

  • Empowering women through financial domination

  • Top Fetish Requests

Wesley Woods

  • Reel Sex vs. Real Sex

  • Body positivity in the gay community

  • Top 10 things gay porn stars want you to know

  • The importance of sex education - different from the current heteronormative, religious perspective.

Allie Eve Knox

  • Top Fetish requests

  • How I built my empire

  • What it means to be sex positive

  • Top 10 things FemDommes / FinDommes want you to know

Violet Doll

  • How I became a top earning, online artist.

  • Top Fetish requests

  • Empowering people through financial domination

  • What a Financial Dominatrix has for breakfast - a day in my life.

Ash Hollywood, iWantEmpire Brand Ambassador, Recruiter and Artist Advisor

  • How advances in technology changed the game for adult performers.

  • Why authenticity is the key to success and how to tap into it.

  • Self-care in sex work: mind, body, and soul.

  • Communication and Consent: important skills for ALL relationships.

  • DIY: The future of erotic entertainment.

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We also represent an array of Novelty clients who will be in attendance and available for interviews

If you would like to know more about any of the clients Forward Approach Marketing represents,

schedule an interview, or have any further questions, email us ASAP

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