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Bratty Nikki

Recognized for her unique and colorful persona, Bratty Nikki has been a popular fetish model with fans for years. Her striking looks and controlled performances have attracted a wide fan base and created high demand for her content. Her experience as a performer in the existing clip space left a lot to be desired. Since the respect and care, she expected as a model didn’t yet exist, she and her partners developed iWantClips and its highly successful sister sites, iWantCustomClips and iWantPhone.


Bratty Nikki currently advises on new development ideas and products, develops marketing campaigns, and mentors model consultants to ensure and its sister sites are reflective of the company’s values and missions. In order to keep her finger on the pulse of performer’s shifting needs, Nikki will continue to model and perform while remaining active in her role in iWantClips and its effort to provide a positive and supportive environment for its models and an engaging and entertaining place for customers.

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