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Violet Doll

“Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow!”


Equal parts insatiable and ruthless, Violet Doll is blessed with that exterior model appeal and the inner strength of a lioness. Naturally introverted, she works alone. In this solidarity, she is both the subject and the verb, and she can assure her content is always on point.


She began camming like many other girls, by responding to an ad. She loved working from home and found it empowering to charge for her charms. Over time the mundane requests to take off her clothes began to bore her and she began to look forward to the customers she could control. Using mental tenacity to manipulate, tease, punish and reward became a passion. “Do what you love and the money will follow” proved true, as Violet’s client base shifted to include very powerful men seeking a safe haven where they could give up control.


Drawn to fantasy in every aspect of her life, Violet loves reading and experiencing the outdoors. She feels the magic hiking through the forest and revitalized when ocean spray touches her skin.  She is inspired by good production values and enjoys being taken away from reality in shows like Game of Thrones and Mad Max. Each aspect of her life contributes to her growing Princess Theodora brand. She is resourceful and creative, always incorporating, calculating and planning for the next chapter.


Today Violet produces some of the most popular clips in the genre, and on the iWantClips network.  She loves dominating men, leaving them weak, on their knees and begging for more. Her online submissives serve her well, and she enjoys the cyber world, but Violet also holds a special place for a few worthy slaves who have earned the opportunity to worship her IRL sessions. This open door is always beckoning and she is always cunning.

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