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Jay Philips

The greatest compliment he ever received was when his wife accepted his marriage proposal.


Trustworthy, pragmatic and passionate, Jay Phillips is someone you want to know, and someone you want to work with.  He has built a multi-million-dollar business on principles of legal and personal ethics, coupled with generosity, foresight and a hunger for success.  


This eighties baby, with no formal education or degrees, was born to be an entrepreneur.  When he was only 8 years old, Jay began capitalizing on his circumstances, selling golf balls that landed in his yard, which was conveniently situated next to a popular golf course.  His circumstances changed over time, as did his opportunity, but Jay always worked hard and did right by people, and those values paid off. Today he is the proud Founder and President of the iWantClips network, a group of social platforms which support unlimited revenue streams for an infinite number of partners.


When he is not developing ways to grow the business, supporting his work family or hunched over the books, Jay is a regular, albeit down to earth guy. He loves traveling with his wife, deep sea fishing, hiking, paintball, offroading, along with enjoying French and Italian cuisine.

“Never judge a book by its cover.”

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