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There’s a New Comic Book Heroine for the #MeToo Generation

Journalist Launches Kickstarter Effort for ‘Tracy Queen,’ a Cam Girl who Fights for Female Empowerment!


LOS ANGELES (November 8, 2018) – When Lynsey G began her journalistic career she met many empowered women who created the life and career they wanted. But while reporting on the adult entertainment industry and learning the stigma and discrimination facing sex workers and other women for simply expressing their sexuality even before the #MeToo movement began, she knew she wanted to do something to empower women.

Today, Lynsey G has launched a fund-raising campaign on to fund the first of seven issues of “Tracy Queen,” her proposed graphic novel featuring a cam girl who fights for female empowerment and against the sexual repression of women. With a goal of raising $9,500, the campaign runs through November 22.

To donate and for more information, click here.

“I felt this was the right time to launch ‘Tracy Queen’ and bring this message of female empowerment home through this unlikely and uniquely American character, Tracy Queen,” Lynsey G said. “She is a champion of women and women’s rights and isn’t afraid to take on those who shame women for being sexual. She’s a feminist. She's a warrior. She’s sex-positive. She’s great with a sword – truly a new kind of hero for the #MeToo generation!”

“Tracy Queen” tells the story of a twenty-something Tracy Queen, whose boyfriend just discovered that she's part of her grandfather's organized crime syndicate and dumped her. At the end of a very bad day, Tracy befriends a talking raccoon who inspires her to get away from her grandfather’s stifling control. She soon realizes she can make money by web camming and dives in, feeling empowered and self-sufficient. But that’s when she realizes how truly repressed women are for being sexual or doing sex work. Soon, she is fighting for her life and those of other women facing predatory men bent on victimizing them.

Although the character Tracy Queen works in the adult industry, the graphic novel is not pornographic or sexual in nature, but does feature issues facing adult industry performers and sex workers.

“There is some nudity illustrated, and of course sexual situations, but this is a story about a person who owns her sexuality. It's not a story about sex itself,” Lynsey G explained.

The Kickstarter campaign will fund the production and printing of Volume 1, the first of 7 issues that will eventually make up the whole graphic novel. Volume 1 will contain 36 pages of Tracy's story, along with as many pages of guest art as possible by fans of Tracy Queen.

Among the Kickstarter perks are a cameo appearance in an upcoming issue of “Tracy Queen,” a digital download of “Tracy Queen Vol. 1,” a signed, printed copy of “Tracy Queen Vol. 1,” a signed original sketch by “Tracy Queen” artist Jayel Draco, along with a variety of other items such as original Tracy Queen t-shirts, tote bags and more.

For more information, visit or

About Lynsey G:

Lynsey G is the writer of Tracy Queen. She's worked as a writer, proofreader, editor, and publisher, amassing years of experience in mainstream trade, online, and indie publishing. Her written work across multiple genres has appeared in Rolling Stone, Glamour, Playboy, Allure, Bitch, Refinery29, BUST, MEL, McSweeney's, and elsewhere. She is the author of the award-winning memoir Watching Porn, which chronicles her decade as an adult entertainment journalist. (That's right—the author of Tracy Queen is actually a porn expert!) She is the co-founder and editor in chief of Oneshi Press, and a lifelong feminist, sex-positive crusader, and passionate believer in the importance of normalizing and destigmatizing sex and sex work.


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