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StrongBoard Balance® Certification Courses Now Available Online

In Partnership with Inspire360, StrongBoard is Offering

Professional Education about its Best Selling Products

LOS ANGELES (August 18, 2020) – StrongBoard Balance®, the stability trainer featuring MULTI SPRING TECHNOLOGY™, is now offering online certification courses for fitness professionals and enthusiasts, accredited for continuing education units (CEUs) from ACE®, NASM™, and AFAA™. StrongBoard Balance is designed to target all muscle groups and can be used at every skill level, making it the perfect addition to any guided routines in a professional training facility, home gym and even outdoors. The courses are offered in partnership with Inspire360 and are available here.

Media interested in learning more about StrongBoard Balance or its versatile programming may contact

StrongBoard Balance Courses:

Personal Trainer and Instructor Certification Course - A hands-on module which integrates the science and technology behind StrongBoard Balance with its practical everyday use. This course is designed to give fitness professionals a leading edge no matter their clientele or orientation.

Learning Objectives:

  • How StrongBoard Balance Works/Functions


  • How StrongBoard Balance Works A Lesson in Physics and Biomechanics

  • The Difference Between Balance and Stability

  • How to Use StrongBoard Balance Safely With Persons of All Fitness Levels Positioning, Progressions, Exercises and Other Modalities

  • How to Execute a StrongBoard Balance Class

  • How to Use StrongBoard Balance to Increase Your Business

AFAA Course Credits: 8.00

NASM Course Credits: 0.80

ACE Course Credits: 0.80

Total Course Cost: $295

StrongBoard Balance Intro Course - A hands-on module which integrates the science and technology behind StrongBoard Balance with its practical everyday use. This course is designed to give users of StrongBoard Balance a better understanding of the product, and how it can be used to optimize workouts.

Learning Objectives:

  • How StrongBoard Balance Works/Functions


  • Positioning and Progressions

AFAA Course Credits: 6.00

NASM Course Credits: 0.60

ACE Course Credits: 0.30

Total Course Cost: $29.50

StrongBoard Teaser Course - This preview provides a brief introduction of StrongBoard Balance and is designed to give participants the rudimentary knowledge of the board’s benefits.

Not for CEUs.

Total Course Cost: FREE

To see all the available courses, including the FREE Teaser course, click here.

“We are excited to offer our courses online as this makes them available to everybody without any of the expense or stress of travel,” says Mike Curry, founder of StrongBoard Balance. “Inspire360 is a great education partner. They are making it easy to share the science which supports StrongBoard Balance with the fitness community I love and I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship."

Jason Davis, CEO at Inspire360 says, "We are thrilled to partner with StrongBoard Balance. They have best-in-class education about stability training and we are excited that the fitness industry can now access their courses and certification through the Inspire360 platform.”

A first class balance and stability trainer, StrongBoard’s MULTI SPRING TECHNOLOGY provides 360 degrees of multi-planar variation around its fulcrum, also known as Unlimited Dynamic Articulation™ or UDA. Various positions allow users to isolate specific muscles, or engage in aerobic and anaerobic combinations to activate all muscle groups simultaneously. StrongBoard users can achieve a full body workout, burning more calories in less time than doing the same exercises on the floor or stable surface. StrongBoard’s unique engineering prevents a user from stabilizing, requiring total muscle engagement, forcing strength gains, increased endurance and improved reaction times.

For more information, visit the StrongBoard Instagram page or

About StrongBoard Balance:

StrongBoard Balance is a one-of-a-kind, premiere stability board for all levels of fitness enthusiasts. Designed to complement and intensify users’ favorite workout routines, StrongBoard Balance’s patented MULTI SPRING TECHNOLOGY™ provides full-body fitness to increase muscle activation and calorie burn. As a portable and electricity-free platform, it allows users to train using their own body weight for resistance during full-motion exercises. Paired with a licensed physical therapist, StrongBoard Balance aids in the recovery of many injuries created by imbalance. It gently increases the patient’s flexibility, range of motion, and strength. Over time and with repeated use, exercising with StrongBoard Balance helps rebuild the bridge between the brain and the injured muscle. As users regain strength and decrease the pain associated with the injury, their range of motion increases allowing for increased blood flow and further healing. For more information, visit,,,, or


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