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iWantClips Stars Are Featured in Sexual Health Magazine

Informative Article Shares BDSM Insights from Violet Doll, Mistress Harley, Goddess Virgin and Lady Valencia!


LOS ANGELES (September 24, 2018) iWantClips artists Violet Doll, Mistress Harley, Goddess Virgin and Lady Valencia share their insights on BDSM and its many dynamics in Sexual Health magazine this month.

“Violet Doll, Mistress Harley, Goddess Virgin and Lady Valencia share their tips and insights on the world of BDSM in an informative and engaging way,” said James Power, Vice President of Operations of iWantEmpire, which operates iWantBlog, iWantClips, iWantCustomClips, iWantPhone and iWantFanClub. “Whether you’re uninitiated to the world of fetish or an active participant, these wonderful artists offer valuable information that will enhance your understanding and enjoyment of BDSM. We are pleased to see their knowledge shared in print.”

Mistress Harley, Goddess Virgin and Lady Valencia share their expertise and insights in the article titled “Let’s Play,” written by Colleen Godin who explores the intriguing world of professional dominatrixes and their submissives. Also featured are the submissives of Violet Doll and Mistress Harley who discuss the special relationship they have with their dommes in a question-and-answer article by Godin.

“As a well-educated woman with a master’s degree, I never expected to be in a field that is considered ‘sex work,’” said Mistress Harley in the article. “However, the confluence of my talents, skills and comfort levels led me to a life where that is the moniker people attach to what I do.”

But while Harley explained how many dommes are highly educated and choose to become a dominatrix rather than forced to it by circumstances, Goddess Virgin explained that the relationship between submissives and dommes is unique. “Many people wonder why someone would want to be on their knees, be yelled at, dressed as a dog, whipped and humiliated,” she said in the interview. “I asked these questions myself early on. The answer is simple. We live incredibly stressful and demanding lives. Sometimes yoga, meditation or a drink after work doesn’t cut it. People need to relinquish control sometimes… allow other people to make decisions for them.”

For her part, Lady Valencia dispelled some misconceptions about BDSM such as the long-standing myth that dommes hate their subs. She said “I am assertive and dominant in my day-to-day life, but I’m not mean or cruel,” she told Godin. “I actually like my subs and respect them. I check in on them and they check in on me. I know when they’re sick or dealing with problems.”

To learn more, Sexual Health Magazine is now on newsstands and online at

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