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ANEROS® to Donate a Percentage of 2017 Sales to Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts


Houston-based Sexual Wellness Company Names Houston Habitat for Humanity as Recipient

HOUSTON, Texas (September 11, 2017) — Houston-based sexual health and wellness products manufacturer Aneros is donating a percentage of sales to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in Houston and surrounding areas.

Aneros will be donating a part of sales proceeds for the remainder of 2017 to the Houston Habitat for Humanityto rebuild and assist those impacted by the hurricane that devastated Houston, South Texas and part of Louisiana this past week.

“As Houstonians and Texans ourselves we are heartbroken about the devastation our families and neighbors are experiencing,” said Malay Vannouvong, Director of Operations. “We are committed to assisting hurricane relief efforts throughout the year as it will be a long road to recovery.”

According to media reports, Hurricane Harvey was the first Category 4 hurricane to make landfall in the U.S. since 2004, dropping more than 40 inches of rain on Houston and surrounding areas. It resulted in 66 confirmed deaths as well as widespread flooding and catastrophe across southern Texas and part of Louisiana from August 26 to September 2.

“I have been a Texas resident for over 3 years and I have received nothing but love,” said Aneros Director of Sales and Marketing Brent Aldon. “It is so devastating to see what Houstonians and other cities are going through. Many people have lost everything, even our own, and it is imperative we help our neighbors. We have to give that love back!”

With thousands left homeless and much of it under water in the aftermath of the storm, Houston, the fourth largest city in the U.S. has been devastated and is in dire need of basic products like food, clothing and clean drinking water, according to the American Red Cross which is leading relief efforts. To donate or learn more about assisting those in need due to Hurricane Harvey, click here.

As developers of the only medically-patented prostate massager on the market, Aneros is known for its stimulating male products – offering natural, preventative measures for erectile dysfunctions (ED) and relief from prostate complications. The company is also known for its acclaimed female Kegel exerciser EVI.

Aneros’ website,, features the Aneros Forum, which creates a sex-positive, safe atmosphere for consumers to learn about improving their health and discovering new forms of pleasure.

About Aneros:

Since 1996, the Aneros Company has been dedicated to bringing its customers unique, effective sexual aids promoting health, as well as pleasure, led by the patented line of hands-free Aneros Prostate Stimulators. A result of years of research and development, Aneros is the only medically patented prostate massager on the market. Its eponymous Aneros Massagers are by far the safest and most pleasurable prostate stimulators on the market today. Every curve, every angle of each model contributes to a precise, anatomical design, which makes compelling and transcendent experiences like the Super-O possible. The hands-free design means users can achieve these unique pleasures with products working in harmony with their body’s own movements. Aneros’ pledge is to continue to deliver safe, innovative products to its customers, quickly and discreetly, like the hands-free kegel exerciser, EVI. For more information, visit,, or


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