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Tone & Strengthen Lower Body

Squat Hops on StrongBoard Balance Board is an advanced move! We do NOT recommend beginner or inexperienced users jump on StrongBoard. As with any exercises on an unstable surface, be sure you have a clear area around the board and are comfortable performing the exercises on the ground, first. This exercise is primarily for the lower body and aerobic aspect but will also work the entire core musculature.

Featuring Michael Carson of, Fitness Trainer UCLA. IG: @michael_carson_fitness Twitter: @00michaelcarson

1. Start by jumping onto the StrongBoard Balance platform, landing wide with your feet next to the handles.

2. Immediately, hop both feet to the middle of the board as you drop yourself into a squat position.

3. Immediately, come out of the squat as you hop back to wide stance on platform.

4. Repeat for desired amount of repetitions/sets.

Tips: Be sure to brace your abs through entire set. This will help stabilize the spine. For more of a challenge, you can hold squat position. You can also speed up your tempo.

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