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Abigail Mac and Charlotte Stokely Star in 'Lola & Maxie Get Off' from Adam & Eve Pictures

From Strip Clubs to Jail Cells, Director Skye Blue

Weaves a Masterful Tale of Crime and Passion

HILLSBOROUGH, NC (February 19, 2020) – Adam & Eve Pictures has just released its newest title, Lola & Maxie Get Off. The film, directed by Skye Blue, features adult industry superstars, Abigail Mac and Charlotte Stokely alongside Penny Archer, Aidra Fox, Kay Carter, Christy Love, Jay Smooth, and Calvin Hardy. The erotic crime drama is available now on DVD and VOD.

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“This was such a fun movie to make. Abigail and Charlotte are magical together,” Blue said. “I love telling real stories which are brought to life with emotion and passion, and Adam & Eve always supports these great features. I look forward to reading the reviews.”

Lola & Maxie Get Off tells the story of Lola, a fantastic dancer who can pack a club and keep an audience entertained. Unfortunately, her stage skills keep her away from home for long hours, giving her two-timing husband Jack ample opportunity to fool around. So, when Lola comes home from the club one night, she wasn’t entirely surprised to find him in bed with another woman; what she wasn’t expecting was that the other woman would be her sister, Wilma. In a freaky turn of events, Maxie (Abigail Mac) who is Lola’s co-worker and one of the strip club’s hottest dancers, ends up in jail alongside Lola. Both women have been accused of killing their own husbands, Jack (Jay Smooth) and Joe (Calvin Hardy), and are desperate to do anything - and anyone to get out of the slammer. When they discover that the circumstances of their husbands' murders give them the perfect alibis, they lay it all on the line.

“The movie brings together a talented cast who deftly capture the energy and determination of these gritty female characters and those around them,” said Rachel Vigneaux, Adam & Eve Picture’s executive producer. “Skye explores the lives of real women in her inimitable cinematic style that fans have come to appreciate from her.”

Skye Blue is one of the adult industry’s most respected directors and storytellers with a resume that includes a slew of award-winning movies for the top adult studios. Among her films are Adam & Eve’s acclaimed 2019 releases Double Booked 2: Ranch Vacation and Pillow Talk Fantasies, as well as Girl Number 9, Love on the Rocks, Love on the Line, Love Anonymous, and many others.

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About Adam & Eve Pictures:

Founded in 1993, Adam & Eve Pictures is the nation’s leading adult film production company with thousands of critically acclaimed titles in their library and millions of satisfied viewers around the world. An offshoot of Adam & Eve corporate, Adam & Eve Pictures was formed to create and contribute aesthetically ethical adult video content to the mass market. Since its inception, Adam & Eve Pictures has produced a multitude of best-selling and highly awarded blockbusters, including Rawhide and Pirates. They have also invested heavily in the sex education segment and offer an entire line by Nina Hartley with titles including Nina Hartley’s Guides to Double Penetration, Oral Sex, Bondage, and Threesomes. In 2015 Adam & Eve Pictures became the first adult production company to bring a New York Times best-selling novel to screen with the critically acclaimed Babysitting the Baumgartners series. Boasting over 90 awards over 25 years, Adam and Eve Pictures is a cornerstone of adult entertainment. For more information, visit


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