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Princess Ashley

To be a Princess one must possess elegance, determination, an affinity for the finer things in life, and the right amount of finesse.


Princess Ashley definitely honors her namesake. As one of iWantEmpire’s top-grossing financial dominatrix and fetish content producers, Ashley boasts controlling minds and wallets around the world was elementary. “Seducing and dominating men came very naturally to Me,” the Princess says. Within one year of entering the 9-5 workforce, Princess Ashley decided to quit her “vanilla” job, and take her life by the reigns. The result produced a cyber world domme. In a very short amount of time, and what she deems “typical Capricorn” fashion, Ashley not only slayed the industry, but the hearts of men across the globe. Princess Ashley credits her immediate success to determination and drive, not to mention the ease at which she subjugates her worshippers.


When Princess Ashley isn’t entertaining her loyal followers, she enjoys indulging in the epicurean lifestyle: traveling, fine dining, educational endeavors, philanthropy and Pilates. She believes strongly in moderation and doesn’t have a vice, besides maybe Nobu (a high-end Japanese restaurant known for its Argentine-Japanese fusion food). If you want to impress Princess Ashley, don’t be pushy, smelly or cheap. This bratty, luxury-fiend prefers those who know how to pamper. Bonus points if you take her and her friends out on a yacht, equipped with limitless Dom Perignon and a sushi chef.


If you know what’s good for you and you want more of it, you will bow down to the Princess.

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