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VersaWand by BodyWand™ Debuts with 90° Rotation and 6 Attachments

The Newest Innovation in Handheld Vibration Therapy

Dissolves Soreness, Improves Recovery

December 1, 2021 (Horsham, PA) - VersaWand by BodyWand™, the newest innovation in vibrational therapy, has just arrived. Fitness enthusiasts, professional trainers, athletes, chiropractors, home exercisers, people suffering from chronic soreness or other conditions, and everyone in between turn to VersaWand for optimum muscle recovery. Designed by engineers, VersaWand by BodyWand™ stands apart from other vibration wands with six included attachments, a 90° rotating arm, 4-hour battery life, and a USB charging port.

After months of hard work, the team at VersaWand is excited to bring this new vibration technology to the public. From reality TV star Malia White to wakeboarder Luke Holmes, big names are already buzzing about the benefits of VersaWand.

“VersaWand is an invigorating new therapy wand we are thrilled to bring to market,” said Anthony Pingicer, director of marketing for VersaWand. “People are going to love this lightweight, high-powered, and more versatile option for their recovery and relief.”

VersaWand, available in either blue or grey, comes complete with six interchangeable attachments, a convenient travel case, and a USB charging cable for relaxation on the go. The three adjustable speeds help the user deliver the perfect amount of pressure and vibration. The specially-designed attachment heads and rotating arm can target any muscle group on the body.

Localized vibration therapy is known to improve muscle soreness, foster recovery, and improve bone strength. Get started on the path to VersaWand™ for as little as $67.25 when you split your payment into 4 installments with ShopPay.

You can learn more about VersaWand™ at, or on Facebook or Instagram.

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About VersaWand: VersaWand by BodyWand™ is the most advanced vibration therapy wand on the market. Featuring three powerful settings for vibration therapy and deep tissue massage, VersaWand has a 90° rotating arm, designed for comprehensive muscle stimulation and recovery.

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