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The Ultimate Full Body Exercise

Looking for a great full body exercise? Try StrongBoard Balance Halos! It is an intermediate exercise performed with StrongBoard Balance board. These exercises focus on the shoulders, triceps, and lower extremities. Although, the target is primarily for these three muscle groups, it is also great for erector spine muscles and entire core musculature.

Featuring Vanessa Burmaster, NASM PT and StrongBoard Balance Ambassador. IG: @sucker_free_fitness

1. Start in standing position, holding one board by the handles, out in front of you.

2. Keeping the neck long and shoulders in your back pockets, lift the board up to chest level as you step onto the second board.

3. Lower yourself into a stationary squat position and begin to rotate the board around your head in a clockwise motion.

4. Holding squat position, make desired amount of rotations around the head.

5. Bring yourself back to standing position and then lower yourself back into a stationary squat.

6. Begin rotating the board around your head in a counter-clockwise motion.

7. Holding squat position, make desired amount of rotations around the head.

8. Repeat for desired amount of sets.

Tips: Be sure to brace the abs at all times. This will help stabilize the spine while performing the stationary squat. This exercise will help will scapulothoracic mobility. This will also help the erector spine muscles stabilize and protect the spine through the rotations. For more of a challenge, you can hold a deeper stationary squat position. You can also teeter the board from side to side as you make your rotations. If you do not have access to a second board, you can perform your rotations with a Kamagon medicine ball or a weighted plate with handles. StrongBoard Balance weighs 15 pounds.

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