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Sleeveless Worthy Arms with Lock and Load Kickbacks

Sculpt arms, abs and back with lock and load kickbacks. This is an intermediate exercise and should be performed on a stable surface prior to performing with StrongBoard Balance. This exercise is primarily for the triceps and back, but will also work the entire core musculature.

Featuring Mike Curry, ACE CPT, BM CES, and SBB Inventor,

Twitter: @strongboard

1. Stand on StrongBoard Balance in first position, board in lateral position. Position your feet across the middle of the board.

2. Connect both ends of each StrongStrap Slastix to the front end of the base, grip the handles with both hands.

3. Hinging from the hips and keeping your abs braced and your back straight, bend over to a 30-40 degree angle.

4. Keeping your head in line with your spine, pull arms up until upper arms are next to your rib cage, keeping elbows tucked.

5. Pull the StrongStrap Slastix handles up and back, until your triceps are in full extension, pausing at the top.

6. Bring back down to starting position.

7. Repeat for desired amount of repetitions/sets.

Tips: Be sure to keep abs braced and back straight. For additional challenge, progress to a stronger StrongStrap Slastix resistance. You can also slow your tempo on the concentric and eccentric phase of exercise.

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