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Next Level Push-Ups for A Toned Upper Body and Abs

Featuring Rachael Novello of, SBB Certified Trainer and Instructor. IG: @rachaelnovellofitness FB: @rachaelnovellofitness Twitter: @rachaelnovello

1. Start by placing both hands on the floor, keeping shoulders directly over your hands.

2. Place both feet on platform with a closer than normal stance, toes on the StrongBoard Balance logo.

3. Keeping your abs braced, lower yourself into a push up. Bring yourself back into a plank position.

4. Immediately bring your right hand to your left shoulder, then back down.

5. Immediately bring your left hand to your right shoulder, then back down.

6. From plank position, begin walking your hands toward the board, until you are in a full pike.

7. Walk yourself back to full plank position.

8. Repeat for desired amount of repetitions and sets.

Tips: Be sure to keep spine erect and stabilized during full plank position. For more of a challenge you can slow the tempo of your walk to and from Pike. You can also hold your plank position. 

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