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Motorbunny® Closes 2017 with Increased Visibility and Record Growth

The Motorized Ride-on-Top Vibrator is Popularized by a Slew of Media Articles and Rising Consumer Response!


LOS ANGELES (January 5, 2018)Motorbunny, the makers of the leading motorized ride-on-top vibrator, are riding high today after a year of increased visibility and record sales growth. Following a slew of media attention and positive reviews, consumer response and interactions demonstrate the product’s advancing popularity.

“It’s been an incredible sophomore year for Motorbunny with the organic media coverage we had and increased sales,” said Craig Mewbourne, CMO of Motorbunny. “We’ve seen a marked rise across all segments while our media presence grew exponentially. We are very grateful to all our customers, team members and partners for this great success!”

Motorbunny gained much media attention this past year thanks to appearances at industry, health, and wellness shows around the world, including the SHE Expo in Brooklyn, New York, and the VENUS show in Berlin, Germany. A number of new attachments and innovative core product modifications have also provided newsworthy moments, such as the introduction of the Bluetooth-enabled Motorbunny LINK controller for wireless partner control, as well as its one-of-a-kind 10-Year-Quality-Guarantee Program.

Fueled by media coverage and a marketing campaign that included 75 news articles, scores of media interviews, YouTube videos and more, Motorbunny had a record year which is paving the way for new developments in 2018.

Among the media outlets hailing Motorbunny and its capabilities was Cosmopolitan which wrote, “The Motorbunny is a rideable sex toy that promises to be one of the most powerful experiences you’ll ever have. The kit includes the rub-only, small, medium and large attachments to use.” wrote: “Given that I’m such as ass girl, I could not get away from the one attachment that just hours ago had me giggling and snickering—the Jiggle Butt [attachment]… I could see how men would find this attachment appealing. I couldn’t keep my hands off of it! It’s a thick, juicy silicone booty…” wrote: “I barely last thirty seconds before the machine had me cumming – then cumming aging in rapid succession… You do not need to get a Motorbunny to have awesome sex and awesome orgasms, but if you are a sex toy collector looking for the next big thrill, you’ve got to do it.”

Others like Uproxx cited the Motorbunny’s power and effectiveness: “I only survive about 45 seconds at the maximum speed before I have to switch it off lest I embarrass myself in front of the masses yet again.”

Since its inception, the Motorbunny has been the industry’s leading saddle-style vibrator made for men and women. Its sturdy construction, innovative design, and affordable price have firmly positioned it among the most popular adult products of 2017.

Recently nominated for Best Pleasure Product Manufacturer – Small for the 2018 AVN Awards, and Boutique Pleasure Products Company of the Year for the 2018 XBIZ Awards, the Motorbunny was also named Outstanding Powered Product at the 2017 O Awards. As the industry-leading ride-on-top vibrator that is both affordable and easy to use, the Motorbunny offers a wide variety of attachments and accessories to heighten sensation for men and women.

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About Motorbunny:

Motorbunny was created to make high-quality adult toys more accessible to those who believe sexual satisfaction is a right—not an indulgence. Its flagship product of the same name is the most powerful and economical motorized, ride-on-top vibrator in its category. While many sex toy manufacturers describe themselves as “luxurious” and “exclusive,” Motorbunny prioritizes quality and fair pricing that put sexually creative experiences within reach of as many people as possible. With more than a dozen attachments and accessories available, including male-focused attachments that completely transform the category, Motorbunny continues to expand the ways that users can experiment to reach new heights of sexual satisfaction. With a wide array of 100% silicone attachments and additional options made from high-quality materials such as TPE and TPR, Motorbunny is committed to providing a variety of safe, scintillating options that appeal to all types of users. As demand for Motorbunny and its range of innovative products increases, the company continues to research, listen to users, and make incredible sexual experiences accessible in all markets.

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