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Metabolic Conditioning – Burn Fat Fast

Metabolic Conditioning – Burn fat fast doing a move dubbed the Hero Wave using Inertia Wave on StrongBoard Balance board. This is an advanced exercise and should be performed on a stable surface prior to using StrongBoard Balance board.Exercises performed using the INERTIA WAVE create an oscillating wave pattern and are designed to elevate the heart rate, and work the entire body cognitively and aerobically for overall muscle engagement.

Featuring Mike Curry, ACE CPT, CES, and SBB Inventor, IG: @strongboardbalance FB: @strongboard Twitter: @strongboard

1. Start off by grabbing each end of the two Inertia Wave tubes, pulling them out far enough to create some resistance.

2. Step onto the StrongBoard platform with your feet up against the platform handles. Because of the resistance pulling you forward, you can place your feet back about two inches from normal stance. This will help counter the pull of the Inertia Wave tubes.

3. Keep the body in a controlled, but fluid stance. The body has a flexed ankle, knee, and hip employed during the Hero Wave method, while tabs are braced to help stabilize the spine. Hold the end cap of each tube securely and start to whip the tubes as if to recreate the motion of a “drum roll.” The center of the tubes can slap the ground with proper performance. The method of Hero Wave is a spring like oscillated/spring-like up and down continuous drum roll pattern with each tube moving in opposite directions RL-RL-RL-RL one at a time throughout. The momentum of the tube acts like a coil/recoil from the center of the tube as it springs up and down.

4. Repeat for desired amount of repetitions/sets.

Tips: Keep the spine erect and abs braced. For more of a challenge, you can squat during the Hero Wave (as shown). You can also go for longer bouts before rest.

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