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Meet Kawaii Domme in This Week’s Artist Spotlight on iWantClips

Tacos, Mochi, and Anime Are Objects of Affection in New Interview on!

LOS ANGELES (December 27, 2018) Kawaii Domme gives the iWant community a glimpse into her life in this week’s Artist Spotlight on

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“Kawaii Domme reminds readers the value of being present in this week’s Artist Spotlight,” said Jay Phillips, president and co-founder of iWantEmpire which operates iWantBlog, iWantClips, iWantCustomClips, iWantPhone and iWantFanClub. “Kawaii is an artist, entrepreneur and self-proclaimed foodie, with a great reputation for engaging clips. It is a pleasure to promote her on our platform.”

Artist Spotlight is iWantBlog’s weekly feature, giving fans an inside look at up and coming or trending artists through an interview-style feature that delves into their life and work. The section is promoted extensively on social media and through iWantEmpire’s network of sites.

A former massage therapist, Kawaii Domme left her 9-5 job after learning she could earn more by exploring her passion for fetish in front of an online audience. It wasn’t long before the creative artist found her niche and moved on to iWantClips where she found an enthusiastic new audience that appreciates her talents. Today, she is breaking out in a big way on the lifestyle platform thanks to her clips that explore the world of goddess worship, foot fetishism, slave training and more. To visit her iWantClips store at, or click here.

“I was an esthetician/massage therapist (dually licensed). But I quickly realized I like receiving these services way more than giving them,” she said during the interview. “However, I did enjoy learning anatomy, pathology and self-care practices.”

As for strangest thing she does, she says: “I love tearing my pizza apart before eating it by first removing the edge crust, then the cheese and toppings, then the fluffy part of the dough ( I don’t really like flat pizza) and eat one thing at a time. I to this day don’t know where this habit came from. But sometimes at events/parties I catch myself and try eating it normally!”

iWantClips offers fans a truly elite experience, featuring a vast variety of talented artists who share their unique style and art to a worldwide audience.

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About iWantClips:

Founded on a deep respect for artists, sex-positive forward-thinking attitude, and love for state-of-the-art technology, iWantClips, and iWantCustomClips, are the world’s leading fetish, custom, porn star clip, and chat sites. The innovative network partners with all of its artists, offering the highest payouts, vanity URLs, and other exclusive marketing tools. Its proprietary software employs visual icons which boast easy search and navigation features along with a platform for direct interaction and communication with the site’s bevy of artists.


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