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​jessica drake and Joan Price to Present Sex Secrets for Young and Old at Sex Down South

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

The Seventh Annual Conference will be Streamed

for Those Unable to Attend in Person

ATLANTA, GA (September 8, 2021) - Wicked Sensual Care brand ambassador, performer and sex educator, jessica drake will join acclaimed senior sex expert and author Joan Price for an insightful discussion at the Sex Down South Conference. The educational presentation, The Porn Star and the Little Old Lady Walk into Sex Down South: jessica drake and Joan Price Share Sex Secrets for Young and Old, is scheduled on Saturday, September 11th, at 3:15 PM EST. For those who cannot attend in person, the presentation is available virtually.

Media is invited to cover Sex Down South. To coordinate passes or schedule time to speak with jessica, email

The collaboration of adult star/sex educator jessica drake and author/senior sex educator Joan Price led to the creation of the award-winning film, jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Senior Sex. It also led to an intense friendship and many discussions as jessica shared her work speaking to college students, and Joan shared hers speaking to seniors. They discovered that the sexual concerns of young adults and seniors were sometimes drastically different — but sometimes identical. In this lively dialogue, jessica and Joan reveal what young people and old people really think, question, and need in their intimate lives. They also discuss porn, porn literacy, sex education, and much more.

The seventh annual Sex Down South Conference will take place September 9 - 11, at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel, 165 Courtland St. NE. The weekend festivities will feature progressive discourse and workshops involving sexual education with guest appearances from experts in academia as well as the entertainment industry. For those unable to attend in person, an option to attend the conference virtually via streaming is also available.

“Every time I have the opportunity to speak alongside Joan and advance sex education for a mass audience it is hugely rewarding,” said drake. “During the roughest part of the pandemic, we created this quirky, clever discussion together as something to look forward to, and even though I’ll be there in person and Joan will be onscreen, our dynamic and chemistry is palpable. Each time we present it to a different audience we find different angles to discuss, and the feedback is always so good. Last year I attended Sex Down South virtually, and I’m excited to be able to be there in person now. I’m grateful to Marla, Tia, and the entire SDS team for creating such a welcoming space, and I’m so lucky to have Joan in my life.”

Joan Price, who will be presenting virtually, shares a little about her relationship with jessica, and how the seminar manifested, “Ever since jessica and I created jessica drake's Guide to Wicked Sex: Senior Sex together, we discovered how powerfully the two of us enhance each other's ideas and skills and how much we enjoy working together. Our Porn Star and Little Old Lady presentation has been an exciting project which we're ready to take on the road! We presented a different version of it for therapists at the AASECT conference, to rave reviews. This is another opportunity to showcase our knowledge while entertaining our audience.”

For more information and registration details, please visit

About Sex Down South:

Located in Atlanta, GA, the Sex Down South Conference provides sexuality workshops taught by educated and amazing presenters from around the world. Enthusiasts join in the fun and learn from the best - all while doing it in an inclusive and loving environment. For more information, please visit the Sex Down South website.

About jessica drake:

A charismatic public speaker, the same demand for her modern sex education DVDs also takes jessica around the world - presenting seminars and workshops at expos, retail outlets, and colleges like USC, UCLA, and Chapman University – where she speaks to curious adults desiring to learn more about sex, romance, and communication. As a Wicked Sensual Care brand ambassador and strategist, she emphasizes the importance of thoughtful and conscious personal lubricants for both people and the planet. jessica continues to be a paramount voice for sex workers across the world.

Dubbed “The Porn Entrepreneur Next Door” by Forbes, jessica drake is an advocate for sex education, advocacy, and inclusion. “My passion comes from personal experience, from the idea we are all connected.”

For more information about jessica drake, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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