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iWantEmpire Supports Adult Performer Advocacy Committee with Monthly Sponsorship

Updated: Nov 29, 2017

Performer-First Network Commits Annual Donation to APAC


LOS ANGELES, CA (October 13, 2017)iWantEmpire has signed a sponsorship deal with the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee or APAC to fund efforts to support performers working in the adult industry.

“We are very pleased to partner with APAC as a sponsor in its efforts to create a safe and professional work environment in the industry,” said iWantEmpire Vice President Jay Phillips. “iWantEmpire and its network of adult sites is committed to supporting a healthy, positive and safe workplace for all performers and members of the adult community and through this gesture, we encourage our colleagues to join us in supporting APAC in its extremely important work.”

By sponsoring the organization, iWantEmpire will provide $1,000 per month for a total of $12,000 over the course of the year. The funds will go toward its work which includes providing advocacy for performers in the adult industry while protecting their rights to a safer and more professional work environment. Through education initiatives aimed at performers and members of the greater adult community, APAC aims to review existing health and safety protocols, develop ethical best practices and more.

APAC, since its formation, has been at the heart of initiatives to protect performers and improve workplace safety. It was also was a key supporter behind the anti-Prop. 60 campaign which successfully fought the proposed legislation which would have permitted anyone to sue adult industry members if they felt a production did not use condoms.

“iWantEmpire is dedicated to the well-being of performers and models in the adult industry and APAC’s primary mission is to protect and educate the talent base; this is a perfect cause for us to support,” Phillips added.

About iWantEmpire:

Founded on a deep respect for artists and performers, a sex-positive forward-thinking attitude, and love for state-of-the-art technology, iWantEmpire and its subsidiary sites, iWantCustomClips, iWantPhone, and iWantClips are the world’s leading independent fetish, cam girl, amateur, gay, trans, and porn star portals. The innovative network provides its artists with the highest payouts, vanity URLs and other exclusive marketing tools. Own your content. Own your future!™

iWantEmpire’s proprietary and intuitive software employs visual icons which boast easy search and navigation features, along with a platform for direct interaction and communication with the site’s bevy of artists. It is a culture, a way of life, and a club for privilege and art, which champions and applauds consensual human sexuality. It’s everything you want!™

About Adult Performer Advocacy Committee:

The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee advocates to maintain and improve safety and working conditions in the adult film industry by giving adult performers organized representation in matters that affect our health, safety, and community. The mission of APAC is to provide representation for performers in the adult film industry and to protect performers’ rights to a safer and more professional work environment. We do this through education of each other and the greater community, development of ethical best practices, and fostering of solidarity. We review existing health and safety protocols, and will initiate new ones as needed. We are committed to working cohesively with all aspects of the adult entertainment industry and the public, strengthening unity between all performers, and maintaining a work environment where workers are valued, respected, and educated.


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