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iWantEmpire Honors Each of the Artists Behind This Week’s Chart-Topping Clips

Fetish Fantasies Take Center Stage and Bring in Big Dollars!


LOS ANGELES (May 25, 2018) – The team at iWantEmpire is excited to present this week’s top five best-selling clips as reported on Each of the top artists have created unique and engaging fetish fantasies the fans can’t get enough of.

The week’s best clips are:

“This week’s top five clips demonstrate the variety and creativity each artist brings to the table,” said James Power, vice president of operations of iWantEmpire, which operates iWantBlog, iWantClips, iWantCustomCips, iWantPhone and iWantFanClub. “Our motto of Artist First is not just a catchphrase or slogan, but a pillar of our values. At iWantEmpire we offer marketing tools, 24/7 artist support, easy-to-use software and marketing campaigns that create buzz and attract top paying fans!”

At number 1 of the top five list is Madam Violet with her mesmerizing femdom clip “Brain-Fucked Hipn0-Bitch,” seen here, followed in second place by Violet Doll’s fetish tease clip “Shiny Sensual Tease.” seen here. Next is Goddess Sunshine with the body worship clip “Nude Tits – 100th Clip JOI.” To watch, click here. In fourth place is MoneyPrincess Isabella with her blackmail fantasy clip “What’s Inside,” seen here, followed by Goddess Sunshine and her ass worship clip “Pu$$y Shower.” The clip is available here.

iWantEmpire offers fans a diverse and varied community of artists and performers through its network of sites, iWantClips, iWantCustomClips, iWantPhone, and iWantFanClub.

For more information about the brands visit iWantEmpire.

For more information, visit

About iWantClips:

Founded on a deep respect for artists, sex-positive forward-thinking attitude, and love for state-of-the-art technology, iWantClips and iWantCustomClips, are the world’s leading fetish, custom, and porn star clip and chat sites. The innovative network partners with all of its artists, offering the highest payouts, vanity URLs, and other exclusive marketing tools. Its proprietary software employs visual icons which boast easy search and navigation features along with a platform for direct interaction and communication with the site’s bevy of artists.

About iWantEmpire:

iWE, the art of sex! If you want sexy clips, flirty phone calls and exclusive behind the scenes social feeds - we have what you Want! Founded on a deep respect for forward-thinking, sex-positive performing artists, and a love for state-of-the-art technology, the iWantEmpire and its subsidiary sites, iWantClips, iWantCustomClips, iWantPhone, iWantFanClub, and iWantRadio are the world’s leading independent fetish, cam girl, amateur, gay, trans, and porn star clip / custom clip, phone chat and radio sites. The innovative network provides its artists with the highest payouts, daily payouts, vanity URLs and other exclusive marketing tools. If you make clips, take custom clip order, provide phone chat or want to sell a subscription to your social feed – you will want to join iWantEmpire and optimize the monetization of your business, and take your income to the next level. Own your content. Own your future!™


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