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iWantEmpire Extends Discounted FSC Membership to All Artists on its Platforms for NexGen Benefits

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

iWantClips to Cover Cost of Benefit Card for 100 Artists Annually!


LOS ANGELES (October 18, 2018) iWantEmpire is extending a discounted Free Speech Coalition membership to all artists on its platforms so they may receive the NexGen benefits card. iWantClips will also cover the total costs of the benefits card to 100 artists. In a partnership with FSC, the NexGen benefits card provides discounts on a variety of medical, dental, pharmacy, and vision benefits, as well as legal services and identity protection. Discounted benefit cards are available to all FSC platinum members.

To qualify for the compensated program, artists must post at least 15 clips per month on consistently and earn less than $5,000 per month. An annual benefit card will be awarded to those who apply on a first come, first serve basis. To learn more visit or click here. To apply, email

“From the very inception of iWantClips, healthcare and legal services are benefits we would love to be able to offer artists. When I learned of NexGen through our platinum membership with the Free Speech Coalition, I began using the benefits card personally to test its value. NexGen is a game changer and worth every penny that our FSC membership costs us,” said Jay Phillips, president and co-founder of iWantEmpire, which operates iWantBlog, iWantClips, iWantCustomClips, iWantPhone and iWantFanClub. “Kudos to the Free Speech Coalition for putting their resources into finding and securing services every independent contractor will benefit from. I am proud to align the iWantEmpire with this initiative.”

The program is not medical insurance, but a supplemental plan that assists users by providing discounts on medical and related expenses that are not covered by regular insurance. NexGen cardholders will save between 10 and 85 percent on prescriptions, along with 10 and 60 percent on glasses, contacts and vision-related expenses, as well as 10 to 80 percent on lab testing plus more savings on dental and on other expenses.

Those enrolled will also have access to doctors 24/7 on Telehealth, along with highly-trained registered nurses who are on call 24/7 via NurseLine. They will also have access to experts who will help negotiate a reduction of out-of-pocket medical expenses via Medical Bill Save, as well as a direct line to health advocates who will provide assistance for health care and insurance questions.

The move comes after the Free Speech Coalition, a non-profit watchdog organization that seeks to protect the rights of adult industry workers and businesses, signed a deal with NexGen Plan to provide its members to two tiers of benefits such as medical, dental and legal services starting at $15 per month.

iWantEmpire operates leading lifestyle platform iWantClips which offers fans a truly elite experience, featuring a vast variety of talented artists who share their unique style and art to a worldwide audience.

For more information, visit

About Free Speech Coalition:

As the national trade association to the adult entertainment and pleasure products industry, the Free Speech Coalition’s mission is to protect and support the growth and well-being of businesses and workers in the adult industry as well as the communities to which they belong. FSC’s vision is of a world in which the international adult industry, its workers and businesses have equal rights, protections and freedoms under the law and where all people are protected from exploitation and empowered by age-appropriate sexual health education. For more information, visit

About iWantEmpire:

iWE, the art of sex! If you want sexy clips, flirty phone calls and exclusive behind the scenes social feeds - we have what you Want! Founded on a deep respect for forward-thinking, sex-positive performing artists, and a love for state-of-the-art technology, the iWantEmpire and its subsidiary sites, iWantClips, iWantCustomClips, iWantPhone, iWantFanClub, and iWantRadio are the world’s leading independent fetish, cam girl, amateur, gay, trans, and porn star clip / custom clip, phone chat and radio sites. The innovative network provides its artists with the highest payouts, daily payouts, vanity URLs and other exclusive marketing tools. If you make clips, take custom clip order, provide phone chat or want to sell a subscription to your social feed – you will want to join iWantEmpire and optimize the monetization of your business, and take your income to the next level. Own your content. Own your future!™


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