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iWantEmpire Declares Open Season on Pirate Hunting

Content from ALL iWantEmpire Artists to be

Protected Under New Deal with Porn Guardian!


LOS ANGELES (March 2, 2018) iWantEmpire is declaring open season on content pirates after reaching an agreement with Porn Guardian to give all of its artists protection from pirates and provide regulatory enforcement to take down illegally-obtained content from unauthorized websites.

“We had previously assisted our artists in-house when they informed us their content was being pirated and had our team reach out and get it removed,” said Jay Phillips, co-founder and president of iWantEmpire. “That was reactive. Now we are being proactive by having Porn Guardian actively monitor and scan known infringing sites to get content removed within minutes of being posted. We also hope to be able to identify pirates and locate them to enforce legal remedies and give our artists the protection they deserve.”

Under its agreement with Porn Guardian, iWantEmpire will cover the cost for all of its artists to enforce the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) which provides protection to owners of intellectual property from potential copyright infringement via the Internet.

Porn Guardian will provide regular monitoring of content, that includes DMCA warnings to filehosts, tubes, torrents, blogs, newsgroups and other websites that are illegally hosting proprietary content. Its monitoring systems will constantly monitor reported URLs to determine when and if files are taken down.

Moreover, Porn Guardian will provide legal assistance by supplying evidentiary material or Evidence Packages outlining how sites, users and others have illegally used protected content. These Evidence Packages have been the cornerstone of some of the largest legal cases over the last five years and have been responsible to for taking down some of the Internet’s largest file hosting services.

To learn more about Porn Guardian, visit

iWantEmpire offers fans a diverse and varied community of artists and performers through its network of sites, iWantClips, iWantCustomClips, iWantPhone, and iWantFanClub.

For more information about iWantEmpire, visit

About iWantEmpire:

iWE, the art of sex! If you want sexy clips, flirty phone calls and exclusive behind the scenes social feeds - we have what you want! Founded on a deep respect for forward-thinking, sex-positive performing artists, and a love for state-of-the-art technology, the iWantEmpire and its subsidiary sites, iWantClips, iWantCustomClips, iWantPhone and iWantFanClub are the world’s leading independent fetish, cam girl, amateur, gay, trans, and porn star clip / custom clip and phone chat platforms. The innovative network provides its artists with the highest payouts, daily payouts, vanity URLs, and other exclusive marketing tools. If you make clips, take custom clip orders, provide phone chat services or want to sell a subscription to your social feed – you will want to join the iWantEmpire and optimize your revenue streams. Own your content, own your future!™

About Porn Guardian:

Porn Guardian is the ONLY anti-piracy company that IDENTIFIES AND STOPS PIRATES, not just cleans up after them. Porn Guardian’s staff looks at your content 24/7 and reports it into its system. Every 15 minutes, the system sends out DMCA notices to the filehosts, tubes, torrents, blogs, newsgroups and other places that are hosting your content illegally. As part of its monthly service, Porn Guardian assists your legal team by supplying the industry’s most robust Evidence Packages detailing how sites, users, repeat infringers, etc. have been illegally using your content. Porn Guardian reports millions of infringements to Google, instantly removing them from search results and lowering the search result placement of illegal sites on Google. Porn Guardian is a Google Trusted DMCA Partner. Porn Guardian’s Escalation Team works tirelessly to get entire sites removed from the Internet when they are not complying. The Escalation Team reaches out to ISPs, billing companies and advertisers in order to cut off their funding. Moreover, Porn Guardian’s Client Dashboard is the best in the industry, featuring real-time data telling you everything you could possibly want to know about your content such as what is the most pirated content, who are the worst filehosts storing your content, repeat infringers and more.


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