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Improve Your Mind Body Connection- StrongBoard® Catch and Call

StrongBoard® Catch and Call will work your brain, neuromuscular system, core and legs to improve your mind-body connection. This is an intermediate exercise and should be performed on a stable surface prior to using StrongBoard Balance. This method will enhance neuroplasticity and cognitive functioning. This exercise is primarily for hand/eye coordination but will also strengthen the legs and the entire core musculature.

Mike Curry ACE CPT, CES, and SBB Inventor

IG: @StrongBoardBalance

FB: @StrongBoardBalance

Twitter: @StrongBoard


1. Begin by taking a tennis ball and writing the numbers 1-6 on different sides of the ball with a sharpie.

2. Place your StrongBoard about 5-6 feet away from a blank wall.

3. While holding the numbered tennis ball, step onto the StrongBoard Balance platform, facing the wall.

4. Keeping your abs braced, and shoulders in your back pockets, throw the tennis ball against the wall.

5. As the ball comes back to you, call out the last number you see.

6. Remember to keep a slight bend in your knees as you make your throws.

7. Repeat for desired amount of repetitions or duration.

8. Switch hands and repeat for desired amount of repetitions or duration.


Be sure to keep the abs braced. For more of a challenge, you can bend the knees more to hold a static squat. You can also move the board further away from the wall. This will require you to throw the ball with more force, meaning you will have less time to react and call out the correct number.

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