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Get Tank Top Ready Arms in 5 Minutes

Lateral/Close Grip Push-Ups is an intermediate exercise and should be performed on a stable surface prior to performing it with the StrongBoard Balance Board. This exercise is primarily for the triceps, chest, and shoulders but will also work the entire core musculature.

Featuring Mike Curry ACE Certified PT and SBB Inventor, IG: @strongboardbalance FB: @strongboard Twitter: @strongboard

1. Starting with board in lateral position externally rotate your arms and grab the board on each side, near the middle of the board.

2. Bring yourself into a full plank position, keeping abs braced and shoulders are directly over your hands.

3. With head in proper alignment with the spine and elbows tucked in, lower your chest/torso towards the platform. Elbows should rub your rib cage as you lower yourself. (This will help keep your bodyweight isolated primarily in the triceps.) Lower your torso to the platform until your arms form an “L shape.

4. Raise yourself back into plank position by attempting to push the board away from you.

5. Repeat for desired amount repetitions/sets.

Tips: Inhale on the way down, exhale as you push up. Squeeze your triceps at the top. Keep your abs braced through entire exercise and keep the spine in neutral position. For more of a challenge, you can lift alternate legs during each push up. You can also try placing your feet on the platform, hands on the floor, to place more resistance in the triceps.

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