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Forward Approach Marketing Taps Josh Ortiz for Executive Position


LOS ANGELES, CA – (October 11, 2017) Forward Approach Marketing, formerly, FineAss Marketing, has hired industry veteran Josh Ortiz. His position is broad and covers all aspects of marketing, client, public and media relations.

“We’re pleased to have Josh join the team and add his knowledge and experience to the FAM conglomerate,” said Adella Curry CEO and founder of Forward Approach Marketing. “We have been working with Josh in a freelance capacity since July and the entire team has come to rely on him. He brings excellent communication and relationship skills to the table, he takes great pride in his work, and he is a team player.”

With five years in the adult industry and 10-plus years in corporate business-to-business sales, Ortiz brings a broad spectrum of experience that ranges from promoting small boutique level brands to some of the largest in the industry. He comes to Forward Approach Marketing from Eldorado Trading Company where he was instrumental in sales and education. His new duties include developing and implementing marketing plans and strategies as well as interfacing with clients, business professionals and members of the media.

“I am honored to be part of FAM,” said Ortiz. “My love for our industry, the amazing humans that comprise it, and my commitment to integrity driven results were compelling forces in my desire to find a position within an organization where I could still have a positive impact. FAM encompasses all of this and more than I could have ever expected."

Ortiz’s arrival coincides with Forward Approach Marketing’s growth in the health and wellness space.

Established in 2010 as a full-service public relations and marketing firm, Forward Approach Marketing has developed a solid footprint in the adult industry by serving many of its largest brands and biggest personalities. It played a pivotal role in raising awareness and helping develop successful marketing and public relations campaigns for a number of award-winning products, films, performers, events, shows and filmmakers.

FAM's overall objective is to bring increased visibility to ethical businesses while upholding a focus on health, wellness, positivity, female empowerment and social responsibility. It also aims to appeal to segments such as cannabis, entrepreneurs, ethical firms on the fringe seeking mainstream exposure and more.

Forward Approach Marketing caters to an array of clients ranging from fitness to health and wellness, entertainment to education, providing branding, public relations expertise and talent marketing for all.

Besides its public relations and marketing work, FAM provides a lucrative platform for networking while creating a space in which meaningful, long lasting relationships can be crafted with both new and established businesses. The distinctive ‘boutique’ feel of FAM is ushered in by owner and marketing veteran, Adella Curry. At the forefront of media and public relations for over 20 years, FAM helps clients previously outside of the mainstream view step into the spotlight of a new era of acceptance.

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About Forward Approach Marketing:

Offering comparable rates and incomparable services, Forward Approach Marketing caters to an array of clients across fitness, health and wellness, and entertainment niches. FAM specializes in marketing and branding through social media and public relations, and advertising strategies. The intuitive staff also provides networking opportunities, creating synergetic relationships between new and established businesses.

In order to meet growing demand, Forward Approach Marketing retains a dedicated team of veteran PR professionals, skilled writers, research assistants, social media gurus and event coordinators to service its diverse client list.


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