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‘Boxed Secrets’ Debuts Subscription Box

Subscribers Receive Tried and True Products from Preferred Brands in the Sex, Beauty and Safety Space


COLORADO SPRINGS (October 17, 2018) – Boxed Secrets from 50 Shades of Dark, a newly formed company established to provide women with the tricks of the trade has debuted its monthly subscription box. Comprised of products that support sensuality, necessity, and safety for optimal intimate moments, multiple subscription options are available now only on Boxed Secrets.

“Whether you’re a business professional, a busy single with an active social life or a sex worker, Boxed Secrets offers exciting products that will enhance your intimate adventures,” said Paris Palazzo, CEO and founder. “Every product offered is something I came to use and rely on. I created this subscription service as a way to share all the tips and tricks I learned over a decade as both a professional escort and single woman. From beauty tricks to tools for amazing sex, to products to ensure safety, everything in the box has great value and I’m excited to share these products with other women. Whether you have a client, or you’re going out on the town with a girlfriend, subscribers will enjoy this personal experience.”

Boxed Secrets, which is delivered every month to subscribers, is geared toward today’s woman, featuring a variety of products relating to beauty, sex, personal safety and more. Each subscription box will include an assortment of sex enhancers like vibrators, dildos, and blindfolds, plus beauty items such as lashes, lotions, body tape, sexy lingerie as well as safety products like condoms, pepper spray, and ‘smart’ jewelry.

Every month, subscribers of Boxed Secrets will receive a new box of exciting items that will enhance intimacy and spur their adventurous side with a wide range of unique products from major brands and top manufacturers.

Established by Palazzo as a way to empower women and encourage them to explore their sensual side and move away from negative attitudes that stigmatize the enjoyment of sex, 50 Shades Dark offers women a variety of subscription boxes available at various price ranges.

Whether for one’s self or as a sexy present for a friend, Boxed Secret is the subscription gift that keeps on giving with its sensual products that will be at the heart of those memorable days and nights to come.

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About 50 Shades of Dark:

More time, money and freedom are base desires that blur all lines of gender and cultural backgrounds. 50 Shades of Dark was born from the founder, Paris Palazzo’s best kept secrets while she was in the luxury companion space. Boxed Secrets monthly subscription box saves precious time and money by having a go-to-kit, wrapped in a satin bag, that provides safe, sexy and practical products for any and all occasions. The concepts come from reciprocal fundamentals that YOU are your biggest investment. Former patrons and current fans of Paris Palazzo align with the company values, which support compassion, empowerment, innovation, reciprocity and equality. The desirable products found in Boxed Secrets, which change every month, are tried and true essentials that save time, money and create the best experience possible. To learn more about 50 Shades of Dark, visit our social profiles here: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Or visit the 50 Shades of Dark website by clicking here.

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