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Best Move for a Perky Butt and Toned Abs - TRX Split Squats

TRX Split Squats will work your glutes, hamstrings, quads, biceps, shoulders, and core for a Perky Butt and Toned Abs. This exercise is an advanced lunge exercise. Although the target muscle is the quadriceps, this exercise is great for the soleus and for lifting the buttocks. The hamstrings, gastrocnemius, gluteus medius and minimus all act as stabilizers. With a split squat, the back leg should never be elevated more than 6-8 inches. If you elevate it any more than that, you risk hyperextending the spine and will create unnatural shearing forces on it. Because we are using the TRX with StrongBoard Balance, be sure to set the strap for the appropriate height. This will place us in the zone for this particular exercise. Depending on your flexibility (and core strength), will determine how low you can go.


1. Secure the two TRX straps together by looping one handle through the other.

2. Having dumbbells on the StrongBoard platform, place one foot across the center of the StrongBoard Balance® logo.

3. Place your back foot inside the TRX® straps and drop into a lunge so that the TRX hangs vertically, then reach down and pick up dumbbells.

4. Have your hands to your sides as you lower your hips toward the floor by squatting back and down.

5. Without letting your back knee touch the ground, push off your front leg to return to the starting position.

6. Once back to standing position, perform a hammer curl and a shoulder press.

7. Repeat for the desired amount of repetitions.

8. Complete the set on one side before repeating with the opposite leg.

9. Repeat for the desired amount of sets or duration.


Keep abs braced. Keep your chest up. Keep your weight on your front foot.

StrongBoard Balance® utilizes MULTI SPRING TECHNOLOGY™ that works with your body to deliver the perfect amount of stimulation to keep your core musculature and stabilizing muscles engaged and contracted, while training your central nervous system, improving posture, proprioception and reaction time.

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