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Best Functional Training Exercise for Chest Mass & Total Body Agility

Single Leg Cable Chest Flyes is an intermediate exercise and should be performed on a stable surface prior to performing it with StrongBoard Balance board. This exercise is primarily for the Chest and Anterior Deltoid but will also work the Triceps, legs, and entire core musculature.

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1. Start by placing your left foot across the center of the platform with your right leg in front of you.

2. Have cables set at just below shoulder height. Hold handle attachments with both hands out to the sides.

3. Keep your abs braced and a slight bend in your posted leg.

4. Keep your shoulders in your back pocket and your chest up as you bring the handles out in front of you with a slight upward motion.

5. Bring the cables back to starting position as you allow the eccentric phase to stretch your chest muscles.

6. Once you perform a few repetitions, hold cables out to the side as you kick your free leg forward and back, utilizing hip flexion and extension while maintaining a stable core.

7. Perform three kicks then pull the cables back out in front of you. Then alternate your cable chest flyes.

8. Go back to your bilateral movement but bring the cables out in front of you, keeping the flyer at abdominal height.

9. Repeat for desired amount of repetitions.

10. Switch legs and repeat steps 1-9.

11. Repeat for desired amount of sets.

Tips: Be sure to keep your neck long and your shoulders your back pockets. Use your glute to help ensure proper trunk stabilization. For more of a challenge, you can squat pump your posted leg through your repetitions. This exercise can also be done with bands. 

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