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ANEROS® to Showcase New ‘Trident Series’ Line of Prostate Massagers at Sex Expo NY


Executives of Renowned Sexual Wellness Company Will Be Available at Brooklyn Expo Center Event on September 23-24!

HOUSTON, Texas (September 21, 2017) — Sexual health and wellness products manufacturer Aneros will showcase its new line of Trident prostate massagers at Sex Expo NY 2017 on September 23-24.

The event will be held at the Brooklyn Expo Center, 72 Noble St. Brooklyn NY 11222.

The Trident Series of prostate massagers set to launch next month, will be available for pre-order during the show. With its multi-axial design, the Trident series provides fuller range of movement for unparalleled internal stimulation along with superior pivoting action and exceptional agility. These features were engineered and implemented to ensure an intuitive response to a user’s natural contractions.

Media members and industry professionals are invited to visit the Aneros booth and meet company executives for product demonstrations and more.

To schedule an appointment, please contact Saul at

For media credentials to the expo, e-mail

"As the first product launch in two years we’re very excited about the Trident line and its amazing capabilities!” said Forrest Andrews, Product and Business Development Manager. “This isn’t just another rollout. It’s a major step forward in the evolution of prostate massagers and sexual wellness overall.”

The Trident series’ innovative design allows it to move from y to x axis to create a wobble or multi-axial motion for improved feel and intuitive responsiveness. The line consists of the Helix, MGX, Maximus and Eupho.

As developers of the only medically-patented hands-free prostate massage on the market, ANEROS is renowned for products that increase sexual vitality and fulfillment while providing natural measures for the treatment of prostatitis, BPH (enlargement of the prostate) and ED (erectile dysfunction).

Aneros’ website,, features the Aneros Forum, which creates a sex-positive, safe atmosphere for consumers to learn about improving their health and discovering new forms of pleasure.

About Aneros:

Since 1996, the Aneros Company has been dedicated to bringing its customers unique, effective sexual aids promoting health, as well as pleasure, led by the patented line of hands-free Aneros Prostate Stimulators. A result of years of research and development, Aneros is the only medically patented prostate massager on the market. Its eponymous Aneros Massagers are by far the safest and most pleasurable prostate stimulators on the market today. Every curve, every angle of each model contributes to a precise, anatomical design, which makes compelling and transcendent experiences like the Super-O possible. The hands-free design means users can achieve these unique pleasures with products working in harmony with their body's own movements. Aneros' pledge is to continue to deliver safe, innovative products to its customers, quickly and discreetly, like the hands-free kegel exerciser, EVI. For more information, visit,, or

About Sex Expo NY 2017:

The Featuring today's leaders in sex, intimacy and romance, Sex Expo delivers a crash course in understanding modern sexual relationships with must-attend workshops and captivating intimacy product showcases — all with the chic backdrop of its stylish venues. Sex Expo is an upscale event that puts a stylish touch on sex-ed, anchored by workshops hosted by top "sexperts" and exhibition halls featuring cutting-edge pleasure products. The biannual event empowers its diverse attendee base to immerse themselves in all the benefits of a healthy sex life. Sex Expo NY 2017 is online at


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