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Aneros® Execs Earn Nominations from XBIZ

Vote for Brent Aldon and Malay Vannouvong in Brand Ambassador and Business Development Categories!


LOS ANGELES (November 16, 2018) – Brent Aldon, director of sales and marketing for leading sexual health and wellness company Aneros®, has been nominated Brand Ambassador of the Year at the XBIZ Executive Awards. Also from Aneros®, Malay Vannouvong, director of operations, is nominated Business Development Executive of the Year. Industry members may vote for their favorite candidates here.

The awards, to be presented on Tuesday, January 15, 2019, at the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood, celebrate talented executives who pour their hearts and souls into their work, propelling their brands to new heights of success.

“I am very grateful to XBIZ for this nomination and for recognizing my colleague Malay with a well-deserved nomination,” said Brent Aldon, Director of Sales and Marketing for Aneros. “In a year where we rolled out great new products with amazing success, such as the Trident series and VIVI™, the highly popular hands-free Kegel exerciser, these nominations are an affirmation the great work our team and our partners are doing to improve the health and wellness of so many people.”

Aldon and Vannouvong have been an integral part of the company’s efforts to develop unique products and grow its brand as a maker of prostate massagers and as a leading developer and manufacturer of popular Kegel exercisers and stimulators for women.

“I’m truly honored to receive this nomination and I would like to thank my colleagues and XBIZ for the recognition,” Vannouvong said. “I am thankful to be part of a team that is focused on partner satisfaction, developing unique products and providing the highest quality merchandise to our customers.”

Among Aneros’ top products this year is the VIVI™, the long-awaited and highly anticipated, hands-free stimulator that provides clitoral and G-spot stimulation with the utmost responsiveness and is able to run for up to five hours on a single charge.

Aneros is known for its bestselling line of prostate massagers – offering natural, preventative measures for erectile dysfunctions (ED) and relief from prostate complications and more.

Aneros’ website,, features the Aneros Forum, which creates a sex-positive, safe atmosphere for consumers to learn about improving their health and discovering new forms of pleasure.

About the XBIZ Executive Awards:

Achieving success, reaching the pinnacle of ones' profession and fueling brands that excite, influence and motivate is the driving force behind the XBIZ Executive Awards. With constant economic and technological challenges and facing a mainstream business world that presents an uncertain relationship at every turn, today's industry leaders represent some of the most progressive and creative group of executives in business today. The XBIZ Executive Awards celebrate these movers and shakers who pour their hearts and souls into their careers and, by doing so, propel their brands to new heights of success. Join us as we honor the brightest, most passionate in our industry. For more information, visit

About Aneros:

Since 1996, Aneros Company has been dedicated to bringing its customers unique, effective sexual aids promoting health, as well as pleasure. A result of years of research and development, Aneros is the only patented hands-free prostate massager on the market for use in sexual health and wellness. Its eponymous Aneros Massagers are by far the safest and most pleasurable prostate stimulators on the market today. Each curve and angle of every model contributes to a precise, anatomical design, which makes compelling and transcendent experiences like the “Super-O” possible. The hands-free design means users can achieve these unique pleasures with products working in harmony with their body's own movements. Aneros FEMME is a segment of the company devoted to products anatomically designed for women. This includes EVI, a hands-free, and non-motorized Kegel exerciser, focusing on controlled pleasure while strengthening pelvic floor muscles; and its sister product, VIVI™, a hands-free Kegel exerciser which offers all of the same features as EVI with added benefits of vibration and enhanced clitoral stimulation (begins shipping in August 2018).

Aneros’ mission is to continue to deliver safe, innovative products for improved sexual health and pleasure, quickly and discreetly. For more information, visit,, or


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