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Advanced Squat Move to Tone Your Whole Body

The Plank-Everest-Jump-Squat-Progression exercise is an intermediate/advanced exercise and should be performed on a stable surface prior to performing it with the StrongBoard Balance board. This exercise is primarily for the abs, shoulders, and legs but will also work the entire core musculature, along with the obliques and erector spinae.

Featuring Noreene Gentry, NAFC PT and StrongBoard Balance Certified Instructor IG: @strongboardninja

1. Start with board in front of you, placed in lateral position. With your feet together, bend down and place your hands on the platform.

2. Immediately, throw your feet back into a full plank position. Be sure to keep abs braced during this movement.

3. As soon as your feet touch down behind you, step your right foot forward, to the right side of the platform, then step back to plank position.

4. Now, step your left foot forward, to the left side of the platform, then step back to plank position.

5. Immediately, jump forward, landing both feet on each side of the platform. As soon as you feet land, jump and land with both feet onto the platform.

6. The moment your feet make contact with the platform, drop down into a squat.

7. Bring yourself out of squat position and jump back off the board, landing one foot on each side of the board.

8. Bring your hands back down to the platform.

9. Repeat steps 2 – 8 for desired amount of repetitions.

10. Repeat for desired amount of sets.

Tips: Be sure to keep abs braced during jumps. Pick up your tempo for more of a HIIT workout. For more of a challenge, you can do multiple Everests. You can also hold squat position for allotted amount of time and/or hold plank position.

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