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Our team has over 50 combined years working with media professionals around the world

We Take Care of Your Marketing, social media, and PR so you can Focus on the Rest of your Business

Custom marketing plans and social media campaigns designed to meet
your unique goals. 

For over two decades, Forward Approach Marketing has catered to an array of clients ranging from fitness, health and wellness, to entertainment and education.

We offer expert branding, SEO and PPC campaigns, public relations expertise, and social media management for any industry.

Experienced Marketing and PR 

  • Adult Industry Marketing

  • Adult Industry and Performer Public Relations

  • Pleasure Product Marketing and PR

  • Explicit Industry Social Media Management

  • CBD, Hemp, and Cannabis Industry Marketing

  • Fitness Product Marketing


Our objective is to bring increased visibility to your businesses while upholding a focus on gender-inclusive health, wellness, positivity, empowerment, and social responsibility.


Forward Approach Marketing provides you with a lucrative platform for networking built on decades of experience and connections. We create a space in which meaningful, long-lasting relationships can be crafted with our clients. 

Custom Marketing For Your Business

The distinctive ‘boutique’ feel of FAM is ushered in by owner and marketing veteran, Adella Curry. At the forefront of media and public relations for over 25 years, Adella and her team specialize in helping clients previously outside of the mainstream view step into the spotlight of a new era of acceptance. 
Create awareness campaigns or redefine your brand through marketing, social media management, and public relations powered by Forward Approach Marketing. 
Our dedicated team includes skilled writers, research assistants, SEO experts, social media advertising specialists, graphic designers, and event coordinators to meet all of your brand needs.



The total of activities involved in the transfer of goods or services from the seller to the buyer, including advertising, public relations, social media, and website content.

Public Relations
[puhb-lik  ri-ley-shuh nz]


providing education and promoting goodwill between a company and the public, the community, employees, customers, etc.

social media.png
Social Media
[soh-shuh l   mee-dee-uh]

creating and sharing photos, videos, and graphic content to participate in social networking.


keyword-driven search engine optimization for website content and social media content necessary to drive desired organic website traffic.

[kuh n-suhl-ting]

professional advice for businesses looking to grow, expand, or launch their service or product

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