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Goddess Jessica

Goddess Jessica, a professional domme, is the leading name in a complex and demanding industry. As a student of psychology, sociology, and hypnotherapy, she embraces each of her professional engagements as a unique case study and an opportunity for professional growth.  She carries herself with an intoxicating poise and a seemingly effortless ferocity which makes it easy to see how she has stolen the hearts and attention of thousands.Through this approach, Goddess Jessica has refined her craft into a sophisticated blend of art and science.


For nearly half of a decade, Goddess Jessica has continued to grow and cultivate a strong internet presence, becoming a social media influencer and developing an unequivocally loyal online following. She has an innate and comprehensive understanding of fetishism, with a substantial aspect of her professional practice focused on podophilia, hypnosis techniques, and worship of female deities.  Studying hypnosis techniques carefully, she has managed to sew her life into the minds and lives of her fans and replace all their other fetishes with her as an individual.  Those under her influence proudly proclaim themselves "Goddess Jessica Fetishists."

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